I don’t understand why girls keep running back to boys who constantly mistreat them. WOMEN realize their worth and move on to a real MAN who treats them like a queen.

Ladies, what you need to understand is that you and the BOY you were dating ARE OVER. It ended for a reason so don’t keep running back to them. I understand that you “love” them, but really, how many times do they need to break your heart in order for you to realize that you’re better than that? I mean, think about how many times you said, “I’ll never find someone else.” But did you find someone else? Yes. By now you’re probably thinking the same thoughts again, but I guarantee you that you will find somebody. In the meantime, find ways to improve yourself. There truly is no better revenge than to pick yourself back up, stand on your own two feet, and be independent. A better you means a better next. No, don’t do that rebound shit either because most likely, that’s what he’s doing and you NEVER want to stoop down to his level. Instead, be patient, do your own thing, and the right person will show up unexpectedly at the right time. Eventually, you’re going to thank that little boy for breaking your heart because this new MAN you’re with? Hah, he totally shits on the last.

  December 02, 2011 at 06:07pm
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